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JapAneSE inNovaTiOn 5: waTeR coNserVaTion toIleT

I think this can called KAIZEN.

The toilet in my apartment here is the ordinary toilet with the water supply to toilet tank is a little more higher that usual. When we flush, new clean water will come from the water supply, but not into the tank directly, it goes into a small bathtub on the toilet tank. We can wash hands to use water efficiently before letting it to fill the tank.

Sorry for not having its photo now but I’ll update the photo later

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JapAneSE inNovaTiOn 4: traFfiC pOlicEmaN


The subway station in the middle of Osaka, Umeda, which is the intersection of many subway lines, always has a lot of people commuting through everyday. So there’re PEOPLE TRAFFIC policemen to organize people into lines and give information about what places each way lead to. As I’ve seen, there’re about 10 policemen only in this station!

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caR is LAnDing ?!?

When I’m in an Japanese elevator, I noticed the monitor that told the floor number which, when it reached the floor I’m going to, gave me this message:


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JapAneSE inNovaTiOn 3: faRe adJuStmenT maChiNe

As Japanese subway is very complicated, people are always confused and always buy the wrong ticket (with lower fare-amount). Here’s fare adjustment machine situated in every subway station.

And this is how it works:

When you know that you’ve got the wrong ticket, you go to this machine and insert your ticket. The machine will tell extra amount you have to pay in order to get out at this station. You just add that amount into machine and you’ll got new ticket which can get you out of that station properly without any peep sound from the gate.

Very useful ^^

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JapAneSE inNovaTiOn 2: neWs on NaPkins


Similar to what we’ve learn in the class, these are napkins in the university cafeteria which the news are printed on to PR to the students. However, this kind of napkins are not soft at all T T

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JapAneSE inNovaTiOn 1: sMart tOiLet

I’m in Osaka, Japan right now!!! Although having seen many many of Japanese weird things, there’s still a lots that never imagine before. I’ll share some of my experience here.

Japan has perhaps the most technologically advanced toilets in the world. The one featured above is the modern Japan toilet and is common in many hotels and newer buildings. Some of the features include:

– Heated seats – The little cord coming out of the wall hooks into the seat to provides electricity to heat it up.

– Adjustable Shower / Bidet – As seen in the picture their is a control panel on the toilet that allows the user to shoot water at their bottom for cleaning purposes. There is a little dial for adjusting the level of the water pressure and what looks like two settings, Shower and Bidet. The difference between these two settings is anyone’s guess, and only those brave enough to try it out will know for sure.

– Water adjustment – Adjustment of water pressure for shower and bidet.

Cool innovation!!

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