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D.I.Y cArd – iNdiVidUaL proJeCt

1. both-side-color paper
2. pencil and sketch paper
3. scissors
4. clear plastic bag

1. sketch simplify faces of different looking people in the sketch paper
2. identify types of people eyes, face shape, hairdo and so on
3. draw the outline of each part in color papers
4. draw the body part in another color paper
5. cut the parts off and pack all of them in a nice plastic bag

The finished is called D.I.Y(Do It Yourself) card which can be sold for people who want to make a card for their friend and want the personalized one for just him/her.

To do the card yourself!
1. choose each part of face that can fit best to your friend’s face
2. assemble the face and glue all parts (including body part) together
3. write some greetings or wishes on the card in the body part
4. give the card to your friend


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X-peRT tRaP

“In the beginners’ mind, there’re many possibilities. In the experts’ mind, there’re few.”

So, to be creative, know like an expert, but have opened mind like a beginner.

Arthur C. Clark’s 3 Laws:

  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

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U kNoW whEre!!

Thailand Creative and Design Center

We all went outside!! to TCDC (Thailand  Creative and Design Center) at the Emporium. Here are photos of there:

Design Library

Permanent Exhibition

the Shop@TCDC

Ploy Saeng 4

In addition to library, exhibition, and the shop, we were assigned to create our own culture of common places, like hospital, school, police station and so on, after a big disaster which destroy all today civilization.

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laTeRal tHinkiNg

Lateral thinking is solution of problems through an indirect and creative approach. It is about reasoning that is not immediately obvious and about ideas that may not be obtainable by using only traditional step-by-step logic.

We played lateral thinking puzzle (situation puzzle) which can help us in lateral thinking or thinking out of the box

This is an example of the puzzle:

A man walks into a bar, and asks the bartender for a drink of water. The bartender pulls out a gun, points it at the man, and cocks it. The man says “Thank you” and leaves. What happened?

The question and answer segment might go something like this.

  1. Question: Could the bartender hear him? Answer: Yes
  2. Question: Was the bartender angry for some reason? A: No
  3. Question: Was the gun a water pistol? A: No
  4. Question: Did they know each other from before? A: No (or: “irrelevant” since either way it does not affect the outcome)
  5. Question: Was the man’s “Thank you” sarcastic? A: No (or with a small hint: “No, he was genuinely grateful for some reason”)
  6. Question: Did the man ask for water in an offensive way? A: No
  7. Question: Did the man ask for water in some strange way? A: Yes

Eventually the questions lead up to the conclusion that the man had the hiccups, and that his reason for requesting a drink of water was not to quench his thirst but to cure his hiccups. The bartender realized this and chose instead to cure the hiccups by frightening the man with the gun. Once the man realized that his hiccups were gone, he no longer needed a drink of water, gratefully thanked the bartender, and left.


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RnADoM siTMuaLToiN

Random Stimulation

Here are the ideas from Steve Jobs:

Creativity is just connecting things
– creative people didn’t DO, but just SAW
– they either have more experiences or think more about their experience than others

we called this type of creation Random Stimulation

There’s no new things under the sun, but just the new combination of old things

So these are the practices:
– select a word randomly from a book or anything
– try to find a lot of ideas from that word (don’t change the selected word!)


a way to find ideas of the team (from Alex Osborn)

– accept all ideas, everyone is free to think
– the more strange the idea, the better!
– no criticizing about other member’s idea
– focus on quantity of the idea, no need to check the quality

After that we can choose the proper idea later

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IntErseCtionAL inNovAtiOn

A problem may be solved in different ways so try to find best solution from many solutions of many area of studying


playground carousel              +                           water pump

= Playpump

for drought areas in Africa

ant’s pheromone                        +            intelligent system

= Swarm Intelligence

optimization algorithm simulated from ants’ behavior on pheromone

Associative Barrier

is a thought that build a line between fields of knowledge

Low associative barrier, high creativity

To get rid of the barrier:
– get to know different people
– do new things from time to time to be an interesting people (so you can know different people easier)

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CoSMo ‘n fiLTeR

Points from Mr.Sanapong Thongchai

universe1. Invent social inventions as well as other inventions. Social inventions are creative changes to make world better, like inventions about moral, education, career, financial aids and so on. Characteristics of social inventions are accessible and quickly impact.

2. Hubble telescope is a telescope that make use of cosmic lens which can help it to see further than 20 billion light year.

Points from Mr.PolSak Piyatat

the founder of Alpinefilter

1. Obstacles to Thai Innovations:
– government do not support Thai products by using in government affairs
– government and privates use western standards rather than Thais
– Thai students are taught to be followers
– favor in import products of many Thais
– low social costs

2. Business Innovation Success Factors:
– product
– user’s attitude
– management costs
– technology
– environment protection
– employee’s performance
– no fraud
– not overestimated success

breathe blue
3. To build a brand
– confidence
– advertisement
– references
– standards
– free sample & discount
– add features and options
– make customer re-buy
– cash flow to increase quality

4. To be the first result in Google search

– (this has to be secret ^^)

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