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PloY-sAeNg feSTiVal(2): fuRnitUrE ‘n oTHer sTUfF

Let’s go on to some other ideas in PloY-sAeNg feSTiVal!

Reformable Seat

Changable seat Ways to reform the seat

For house or condominium with limited space so that the users won’t have to buy a lot of furniture. Instead, they can buy only a few pieces of these  reformable seats and fold them to be a long couch, sofa, or any kinds of seat they can think about.

Too bad that photos that i took are now not able to be opened any more T T due to my laptop problems. Anyway, I found this website, just take a look by yourself ^^


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PloY-sAeNg feSTiVal: paCkaGing DesiGn

A few days ago, I passed by a exhibition held by Thailand Creative and Design Center(TCDC) on the sky walk of BTS National Stadium station. It’s called the Ploy-Saeng Festival 3: Create/Make/Sell – Kids are our future.


(The place and time of the exhibition are different from the poster)

University students who wanted to show their project work in designing were provided 1x1x1.8 meter booth for each. Though it might seem like the space was too small to describe their works, with their creativity, they can manage them to show both their imaginations with full usage of space. There are many kinds of design shown in this festival such as motion picture, product design, building architecture, pattern design, and so on.


Namdokmai mango package

Let me show you some of the packaging designs first (I’ll write about other stuff later). The first one is what i like the most, the namdokmai mango package which is designed especially for exporting to Japan. Its design is plain but nice. Also it looks durable, can protect the mangoes from getting bruised, and is environmentally friendly.

Stationary set package

Stationary set package

The second one is the stationary set package. The set includes pencils, crayons, color pencils, water colors, poster colors and color markers, all of which are packed in creative colorful boxes or packets. This can increase product value of ordinary stationary a lot.

The last one is the inhaler insulin package designed for diabetes patients instead of getting the insulin shots. Its design is modern, suitable for taking everywhere, and it’s well designed for usability as well.

IMG_0927 Inhaler insulin design

I’d like to recommend all of you who have a chance to pass somewhere near the National Stadium to see these project works. I think it will still continue for at least a week. It’s kind of fun though you don’t have any knowledge about art. Actually, all comments in this blog are from my own opinion and without artistic knowledge so I’d like to apologize here for any wrong information I’ve given and also for not giving the designers’ names because i didn’t take any notes T T.

For more details about the exhibition, follow these links.

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Is anYoNe LeFt-hanDerS?

As left-handedness is quite uncommon (the study shows that 90 to 93 percent of the adult population is right-handed), almost all products we use in every life are designed for the right-handers. You (and I as well) might have never notice that there’re a lot of simple device that left-handers use with difficulty. This cause them so much problems that companies producing products especially for the left-handers or both-handed products are established.

Here are some left-handers difficulties and products i’ve found to fixed them. Some are what i’ve never thought about. Let’s take a look!


1. Scissors
Scissors’ handles are often molded in a way that is difficult for a left-hander to hold, and extensive use in such cases can lead to varying levels of discomfort. Most importantly, the shearing action of scissors operates correctly for a right-hander, but a left-hander will tend to force the blades apart rather than shearing the target substance.

2. Computer mouse
left-hand-mouse-400-400      lefty-pointers
The computer mouse is sometimes made to fit the right hand better. Many computer installations have the mouse placed on the right side, making it awkward for left-handers to use without moving the mouse to the other side of the keyboard. Some mouse drivers and operating systems allow the user to reconfigure the mouse buttons to reverse their functions.


3. Watch & clock
Some left-handers prefer to wear a watch on their left-wrist and need the controls on the right side and a lot of left-handers find it easier to read a backwards face, or just want to see time run backwards!


4. Camera

Cameras predominantly have the hand grip, shutter release, film wind lever and commonly used selection buttons, switches and dials controlled by the right hand, lens controls tend to be accessible by either hand. When a left-handed person uses a right-handed camera the hand control can be less steady and hence produce camera shake leading to poorer pictures at low shutter speeds. Video-cameras also tend to have the handstrap on the rightside of the camera. Thus the camera must be held using the right hand, which often leads to a more shakey video being captured.


5. Guitar

Most guitars are designed to be played right-handed (the right hand is used to strum the strings while the left hand manipulates the fret board). But the fact is that most of the skills in playing a standard guitar is in the left hand so the left-handers playing a standard guitar should be more skillful than the right-handers. As the result, left-handed guitars are actually designed for the right-handers.

6. Testing spoon

7. Can opener

8. Folder

9. Ruler (scaled from right to left)


10. Wallet


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How do coMputEr eNginEers celebrate their bil2THdaYs?

Actually, i want to write this blog on my birthday but T T it’s been postponed until today, my bad. (i just bring this up in case anyone would like to wish me on my birthday belatedly 55+) Anyway, i guess that you guys might have seen a lot of beautiful or strange cakes but if you have a friend who is a computer engineer, here’s some creative cakes to celebrate his/her birthday.


DELL laptop cake


imitating from the real board!


greattttt idea ^^


umm... yummy


for solitaire experts!


well-formed xml cake -"-

By the way, i want to quote nice word from my dad about birthday here that, “The importance of birthday is not when you get presents from anyone else but it’s when you realize what you have done in the past one year and what you haven’t done but intend to do in the next year.”
Very impressive. And that’s the reason why i didn’t get a present from him -“-

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InNovAtive bUiLdinGs in SinGapoRe

From the first Innovative Thinking class that we’ve heard about Singapore concerns about innovative thoughts of its students, I’ll show some photos of Singapore buildings. I’ve been to Singapore last summer and I found that though there are a lot of skyscrapers, most of them, like hotels, shopping malls, are extraordinary. I guess perhaps it’s because Singaporean architects’ ideas are not limited by the employers’ budget -“-

the Esplanade, theatre and concert hall

the Esplanade, theatre and concert hall

Singapore Management University

Singapore Management University

a shopping mall and a hotel in Cheng Yan PI street

a shopping mall and a hotel in Cheng Yan PI street

Wheelock Place, a shopping mall on Orchrd Road

Wheelock Place, a shopping mall on Orchrd Road

Koolhass, future skyscraper

Koolhass, skyscraper in the future!!

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GreEn iNnoVatiOn

the ChairWalker

the ChairWalker

Today, people are talking about global warming everyday. But how many of them are trying to make a real change to our environment?

Dr.Singh Intrachooto, Thai Architect of age 40, has devoted himself for years in inventing new furniture and house appliances from scraps such as wood chips, papers, plastic bags, and other materials that we may never think about. His furniture may be much more expensive than the conventional ones and may take a lot of time doing research in its design, however, its manufacturing require little new resources and also doesn’t harm the environment.

the Spider Bench

the Spider Bench

If you passed by the Siam Discovery around the beginning of this year (2009), you would see one of Dr.Singh’s most famous innovation, “the Chairwalker”, which is wholly made of wood chips and non-chemical glue.

His other innovations are the “Spider Bench”, a stylish outdoor bench made from steel pipes, the “Beach Bag”, colorful fashionable bag made from old plastic bags, and many other innovative household items you can imagine.

the Beach Bag

the Beach Bag

Dr.Singh’s believe that “the more useless a thing looks like, the more interesting it is”. That’s why he never give up in creating new things.
If you are interested in his ideas, log on to osisu website for more details.

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